Hello Yachts has been for more than 4 years the main exclusive agent of the Blue Ocean Fleet in Spain, offering a dedicated legal advice on basic but complicated aspects such as Spanish VAT, customs procedures, spanish corporation tax, immigration.

With this successful experience due to our legal team, we are proud to say we can help you in any aspects.

Charter Planning

Maritime Law

Spanish VAT

Customs Law and procedures

  • Legal frame work to organize a charter in Spain.

  • Charter licenses and contracts form.

  • VAT on charters in Spain.

  • Visa's arrangements for guest and crew members to travel within Schengen with a charter boat coming to Spain.

  • Itinerary Planning - We can assist you about best marinas to go including legal side advise.

  • Customs Duties and Procedures (importation/Transit), VAT exemption on supplies and different equipment.

  • TPA for refit work.

  • Temporary import extension, customs sealing and boat re-exportation.